Eco Friendly Cookware

We’ve Been Up to Our Ears in Green
for 20 Years.

At Manpans, we use clean, renewable hydropower, we recycle our waste metal, and our manufacturing process uses only water-soluble, biodegradable compounds.  Our transportation footprint is the lowest in the business. 

There are NO  PFTEs or toxins in our Gem-X2 natural mineral finish.  You can cook with confidence knowing no harmful chemicals are being transferred to your food.  And because Manpans heat up quickly and hold their temperature, you will save time and energy.

We’ve been building our pans this way since 1989.  It’s good for the pans.  It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for you.  That’s just good business.

Green Recognition

“This company strives to do things right. They’re very environmentally conscious and probably the county’s best industrial user..”

Stella Matei, pretreatment engineer for Spokane County department of utilities

“The inhouse wastewater effort is their most impressive of the most progressive of the 500 or so companies I have visited during the 12 years I have worked for Ecology.”

Rolfe Parsloe, Hazardous Waste Technical Assistance Specialist for the Washington Department of Ecology



Our green manufacturing initiatives:

  • Complete manufacturing of products done in one location saves transportation costs and energy.
  • Recycle or re-use everything from excess raw materials to incoming packing materials.
  • Reduced anodizing water consumption and wastewater generation from 2,000 gallons per day to about 300 gallons through in-house wastewater treatment line.
  • Send alum derived from anodizing to the city of Spokane’s wastewater treatment plant, which city officials say helps the settling process in the treatment plant’s clarifiers.
  • More than 60 percent of electricity is derived from renewable hydro and wind power with the balance coming from natural gas.
  • Water based coatings on pans use no PTFE or any other petrochemicals, have no toxic waste and are completly inert.

What makes a product "green"?

What really counts in our efforts to embrace a greener style of living is how much carbon we emit into the atmosphere.

When buying products, consider how and where a product is made as well as how well it performs for you.

We have drastically reduced our carbon emissions by eliminating transportation costs. Cookware that is made in China or other Asian countries must be transported to the US and then distributed to stores.

ManPans are made in the USA in one plant. Raw materials in, finished product sold manufacturer-direct to consumers. Far less carbon is emitted in reduced transportation costs.

You save...

  • By supporting a US made product you are reducing your carbon footprint.
  • By buying direct from the manufacturer, you are paying less for marketing and receiving a better valued product.
  • By using less energy to cook with using efficient cookware.
  • By having cookware that will last a long time.