Cookware Science

We are talking about ManPans Cookware

Our motto:  No Wimpy Pans.

ManPans may be bantum-weights, but they pack a heavy-hitter punch. Most other brands are simply pressed from metal sheets, while Manpans are truly revolutionary, spun out of aluminum then tempered, seasoned and anodized.  This makes a stronger pan that doesn’t need all the extra bulk to stand up to hard wear in your kitchen.

Durable, easy to handle ManPans can take the heat, too.  Safe up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, ManPans finish won’t cook, chip or flake off.

Go ahead and use your metal utensils and nylon scrubbers!  ManPans resists scratching and denting, too.  You couldn’t do that with your Teflon or Ceramic pans! 

Take a look at our cookware science:

ManPans Demo

Demo at the Kitchen Engine in Spokane, WA with Eric & Nicole Frickle

We demonstrated ManPans in The Kitchen Engine store in Spokane, WA.

10" Saute PanEveryone was amazed when Paul showed how he uses a metal spatula in our Saute Pan.

Eric and Nicole Frickle, owners of The Kitchen Engine in Spokane, WA are enthusiastic about ManPans cookware and sells them as an alternative to nonstick pans.

Paul says, "Nonstick pans are overrated, one-trick ponies. It's more important to buy a pan with the right balance of features that help me cook great tasting food."

Release Coating

Testing heat on ManPans

Our release coatings, developed by our engineers, is a water-based, multi-layer, quartz-like finish that is permanently bonded to our pans.

We use no PTFE, PFOA or other petrochemicals in our process, in fact the Washington Dept. of Ecology remarks about how we are an example of clean technology.

The release qualities of ManPans are similar to a well seasoned cast iron pan. It is an extremely smooth surface that does not have any affinity to bond or stick with food.

The natual, mineral-like substance is permanently bonded to the anodized surface and does not require any seasoning.


ManPans Cookware Comparison

Click to see a comparison chart

Taste: Our testing has shown that ManPans help preserve the subtle flavors in recipes where other pans can impart a detectable taste or take away delicate flavors.

Heating: ManPans are highly efficient in conducting heat so burners must be turned down about 40% compared to some other pans. They heat up fast with even distribution.

Weight: Lightweight is an advantage as they are very responsive on the stove. Heavyweight pans are not better at cooking food.

Handle: Our cool grip handle will stay cool all day long with high heat.

Country of Origin: ManPans are proudly made by craftsman in the USA

Coating: Metal utensil safe! No PFOA or petrochemicals are used in our application and no PTFE is used in our coating.

Oven Safe: Can go from stove top to oven and back.

Safe Use Temperature: Safe at temperatures up to 700° F. No pan should be heated over this, especially without food.

Use & Care: Always hand wash, never put cookware in an automatic dishwasher as the caustic chemicals will destroy the coating on any pan.


Food Science Geek

The Food Science Geek

Our resident food geek loves to talk about subjects such as polytetrafluoroethylene, electrolytic passivation and amorphus alumina. He is our Senior Manufacturing Engineer and is passionate about food.

Paul finds an explanation for most everything we throw at him including why food cooks using different methods of heating and baking. He even has a philosophy about combining ingredients to create the most interesting of flavors.